Data Intersect Study is a series of spatial sonic and visual interventions to get in touch with the scale of big data. Using an old matrix printer for which I have written my own printer driver, I visualise 'found data'. The scale of the data leaks printed on a loud & slow printer can fill a room with just a fraction of what was found. Using algorithms to extract some meaning I look for aesthetics in noisy signals. I amplify this in livecoded (ascii)visuals and livepatched modular sound design. I keep adding data sources as I find them and I keep evolving all aspects of the installation that is always tailor made to the space where it is on display creating a new experience for each expo. Come by and feel the data...

This piece is showing 1500 first names clustered according to relationship statusses on 1 A4 paper. It took about 1.5 hours to print as the printer patiently rolled back and forth the paper to the correct box per name. Putting people in boxes like this is done on a massive scale magnitudes faster every blink of an eye. More info on the expos

show All this data is patched up with cables and connected to visualisation and sonicfication sinks. In a performance I explore the boundaries of signal/data/noise...
full show on youtube