signal and noise sources


I only list some home build hardware here that will have an active part in the installation


Bytebeat explorer, the original. Made from an old control panel, it has an axoloti inside. It was originally made for the vegetable orchestra, hence the name… Bytebeats are fun

Interuniversal noise pipe

This one is also axoloti based, I use it mainly as a filter, but it’s really polymorphic and it can load multiple patches. Plus it has a kickass phone allowing for communication with other universes. The line to other universes is noisy and distorted…

      /       ||         ||       \   
     /        ||         ||        \  
     \      //UUUUUUUUUUUUU\\      /  
    & \-oo-//               \\-oo-/   
  &        {=================}        
    &      | +-----+  O>  0  |        
       & & | |sound|  ^      |        
           | +-----+  O   0  |        
   /--\    |                 |        
  |    ====|  ^   ^   ^   ^  |        
   \--/    |  U   U   U   U  |        
           |                 |        

the red button is important. furthermore this device can interface with audio processing sources and do quite some processing on its own It contains an axoloti In data intersect study it's an audio source (oscillator and noise) as well as a filter.


A very well known design. This one has some extras like external controls, powered by an arduino and pure data. It has a selector for capacitors to change the sound, light sensors and a switch to enable/disable the digital interface.

WIP prototype

This might/might not sound like anything you’ve heard off… Work in Progress